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The #1 Most Requested Hand-Tied                                  Method by Clients Everywhere

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IBE Method

What Is Invisible Bead Extensions®?

Invisible Bead Extensions®, also known as IBE®, is a unique method that is used by licensed cosmetologists to install hand tied hair extensions

Why Use Invisible Bead Extensions® Method?

Invisible Bead Extensions® was created to fill the gaps left by other methods being utilized in the industry. Where other methods leave women feeling discomfort from their extensions, IBE® promises a damage-free and comfortable installation. When other extension methods require 3-6 weeks in between maintenance appointments, IBE® offers a more durable method with the ability to go twice as long in between reinstalls. While many extensions leave guests feeling exposed with certain hairstyles, IBE® gives seamlessness from every view. It offers flexibility and comfort even when worn up in a ponytail. This patent pending method quite literally “flipped” the extension industry!

Can you get hand tied extensions with
short hair?

Yes! hand tied hair extensions can be a great option if you have short hair. However, this depends on the stylist you chose to use. When installed improperly, extensions can sometimes look choppy and blunt when applied to short hair.

With an IBE® certified stylist, you can be sure that your extensions will blend seamlessly with your natural hair.

Can you wear your hair up with hand tied extensions?

Yes! Not only can you wear your hair up, you can do so with confidence knowing that your extensions will remain undetectable!

A major advantage of utilizing the IBE® method to install hand tied extensions is that the beads and tracks are not visible when styling your hair. This isn’t possible with most hand tied installation methods.

Additionally, your IBE® hair stylist’s top notch training guarantees the most natural look possible! Your extensions will easily blend into your natural hair and will be unnoticeable in buns, ponytails, and other updo styles.

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NON IBE Method

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The Only Method That Consistently Delivers The Best Results

Invisible Bead Extensions was specifically created to solve 3 major problems encountered with the different types of hand-tied methods available.

  1. No Damage To Your Hair And Scalp

  2. No Discomfort

  3. The Versatility And Styling Options You Have From Day One

Kitsune Hair Co


Kitsune is 100% Russian Slavic hair and is exclusive to IBE® stylists that offers top of the line luxury.

Kitsune comes in 23 custom colors in a straight texture and lengths from 14", 16", 18", 22", and 24”.

The Reserve by IBE®


The Reserve is a hand tied collection with a unique Asian blend for the softest hair on the market. It is reserved for IBE® stylists only. This collection will have 15 unique colors offered in a straight texture in lengths from 14", 16", 18", and 22”.

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Pros & Cons of Hand Ties

  1. Pro: Glamourous volume, fullness and length that looks 100% natural

  2. Pro: Very little stress on the scalp or the roots with the proper install method

  3. Pro: No tension, tugging or damage to the natural hear

  4. Pro: Unlimited styling possibilities without bead or track exposure (including ponytails, buns and upstyles)

  5. Pro: Some methods, like IBE®, have discreet attachments that do not show, even in fine, thin or sleek hair

  6. Pro: Appropriate for active lifestyles, including swimming, and high temperatures

  7. Pro: Can be customized in color for the ultimate match to the natural hair

  8. Pro: Can be layered to give proper weight distribution based on natural hair density

  9. Con: Initial installation requires a significant investment of both time (2-5 hours) and money ($1000 or more)

  10. Con: Extensions must be moved up every 6-8 weeks as the hair grows out

  11. Con: Frequent brushing and maintenance is needed to keep hand tied extensions looking their best


Are Hand Ties Damaging?

No, hand tied extensions are not damaging to your hair if proper method of application is used by a knowledgeable certified stylist. Tracy has been trained meticulously by professionals from Invisible Bead Extensions and has completed multiple case studies to receive her certification. It is extremely important to research your stylist and make sure they are certified and have received extensive training in a quality installation method.  ​

Are hand ties hard to take care of?

We're often asked, "Is it hard to take care of your extensions?" The answer is no, if you follow these steps.

Cleansing: Wash your mane regularly with sulfate-free extension-friendly shampoo. Do not scrub the wefts! Focus on your roots then gently squeeze the suds through your extensions. Follow up with a light hydrating conditioner, comb it through the strands, and let it sit for up to 5 minutes before rinsing thoroughly.

Prepping Damp Hair: Be aware that hair extensions absorb a LOT of water! After washing and conditioning your hair, gently squeeze or pat the wefts with a towel to remove excess water. Then let your hair air-dry 80% to 90% of the way before finishing with your blow dryer.

Detangling and Brushing: It's important to thoroughly brush your hair several times a day. Separate and brush through each row individually. Make sure to lift the hair and brush in-between the rows to prevent matting. 

Applying Product: Extensions tend to by dry, so healthy hydration is key! A light leave-in detangler or leave-in conditioner makes detangling easier and protects strands from damage. Next, apply an oil or serum to seal your ends (both your natural ends and the extension ends). 

If your hair needs extra moisture, finish with a leave-in repair cream on your natural hair ONLY. Avoid applying protein treatments or heavy conditioners to your extensions, as this is not necessary and can make the wefts crispy.

Blow Drying: Before blow drying your extensions, separate the rows and dry each row individually. Use your paddle brush or round brush to smooth your natural hair and extension hair together. Be careful to get each row 100% dry to prevent itching or chafing.

Heat Styling: Extensions open up TONS of fun hairstyling options— get creative and enjoy that mermaid hair! Many clients love to curl their hair extensions because the style holds for longer. Before heat styling, always apply a heat protectant to both your extensions and natural hair. Set your iron or heat tool to the lowest effective setting (ideally under 320 degrees) to avoid scorching or drying out your extensions.

Protective Styling: Every evening before bed, work 3-4 pumps of hair oil or serum through your hair from mid-shafts to ends. Then put your hair into one or two low, loose braids to prevent friction and tangles.

Headed to the beach, ocean or pool? Before swimming, wet your hair and saturate the strands with a leave-in conditioner or hair mask. Comb the conditioner through your strands and secure your hair in a braid or bun. Rinse your mane out thoroughly after your swim!

While hand tied hair extensions require daily upkeep, it’s very manageable once you get into a rhythm. And the extra self-care will pay off with shiny, healthy and luscious hair!

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Hand Tied Extensions Do’s and Don’ts


  • Maintain your appointments: you’ll need to get your extensions re-installed every 6-8 weeks to avoid tension and difficulty in styling and maintenance.

  • Brush multiple times daily: to ensure your hair doesn’t snag and to keep it looking beautiful and well-kept.

  • Keep hair clean: be thorough when washing around your wefts to avoid product build up and maintain scalp/hair health.

  • Be gentle: when brushing, styling or cleansing your hair use a light touch to avoid disturbing your attachment points, and/or tangling or damaging your hair.

  • Use professional products: It is recommended you use sulfate and paraben-free products which focus on hydration and moisture. You need to be prepared to use shampoo, conditioner, a hair mask, leave-in conditioner, and a serum for the best results. Extensions need extra moisture due to the processing during their creation, so a moisture-rich line is recommended.


  • Sleep with wet hair: going to bed with wet hair will cause unnecessary tangling and matting that you’ll have to deal with the next day!

  • Use a cotton pillowcase: Cotton pillowcases can cause unnecessary tangling and strain to your hair. It is rough and unforgiving as you toss and turn in the night. It is highly recommended that you use a silk pillowcase so your hair stays protected throughout the night.

  • Use reparative or bond-building products: You need to focus on hydration and moisture with your hair care line. Anything that lists protein (natural or synthetic) as an ingredient needs to be steered clear of. It will cause your extension hair to break and become brittle.

  • Go to improperly trained stylists: be sure to go to a certified IBE® hair stylist to receive the safest, most versatile, and comfortable hand tied hair extensions.

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