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Artfully applied, hair extensions to transform and transcend nature.

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We have lengths available up to 30 inches and a variety of textures including curly, beach wave, and straight. With such excellent assortments of colors, textures, lengths and options our specialists can select the perfect look for you!

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For all services - there may be additional charges due to time and products used. This is based on client's hair density and length.

Why Choose Hair Extensions?

Our SO.CAP. Original USA Hair Extensions system is based on fusion application techniques. The premium quality hair used by SO.CAP. Original USA comes from India and it's 100% natural. European hair is too thin and fragile to use for hair extensions while Chinese hair is too thick, making it unfit for the kind of special applications that are required. All our hair is professionally treated and conditioned in Naples, Italy. Our hair extensions products and equipment result from the latest Italian cosmetology research.


1.    NEVER GO TO BED WITH WET HAIR!!!! If you do, tangles WILL occur and it may be difficult at times, to untangle them once they become dry overnight. Dry your hair as much as possible and then put your hair into one big loose braid.

 2.  Prevention of tangles is the single most important aspect of hair extensions. Use ONLY hair products recommended by your stylist. When shampooing, DO NOT scrub your hair excessively. Massage your scalp and gently work the shampoo to the ends. Flood rinse thoroughly. Apply conditioner from mid-shaft down (avoid getting conditioner on root area and bonds)–use conditioner according to the instructions. Brush gently from the scalp to the ends. Use a loop brush when hair is wet and a WET brush when dry. DO NOT use any oil based products. If you do, we CANNOT GUARANTEE that the extension will not come out. DO NOT shampoo for 2 days after your extensions have been applied. You may rinse your hair and use a spray leave-in conditioner (only one recommended by your stylist.) You should NOT shampoo your hair with your head face down. Always tilt your head back and foam hair from the top to the bottom. NEVER dry with a scrubbing action, wrap with a towel to absorb the water.




4.   Some bonds may get a little tangled if you do not brush your hair on a regular basis therefore, the natural fall-out of your own hair may cause a little tangle between bonds. If this should occur, DO NOT hesitate to contact your stylist IMMEDIATELY!!! Please DO NOT try to correct any problems on your own. Your stylist is the only person that can be allowed to correct any problems that may arise.


5.   Just like your own natural hair, it is suggested that you not allow chlorine water from swimming pools or Jacuzzis stay in the hair extensions. Rinse thoroughly and use a shampoo & conditioner recommended by your stylist. Then let it set on hair for 3 minutes, rinse hair with warm water. (NOT HOT WATER)


6.   Always remember; even if you do not wash your hair, RINSE THOROUGHLY, lightly towel dry, and then use leave-in conditioner. This will help neutralize any impurities that may be in the water that would be left behind on the hair. Following these guidelines will help increase the longevity of your hair extensions.


7.    It is normal to lose a few extensions per month. If this does occur within a specified time frame, DO NOT PANIC!!! Return to your stylist and have them replaced. (It is very similar to having touch-ups done on a regular basis.)


8.   If any other stylist other than a stylist from Shear Extacy Salon, including perm or texture services ,color, bleach, haircut, shampoo and blow-dry and styling  the warranty will be voided with Shear Extacy Salon. Your stylist will try to work very hard to insure your extensions stay perfect as long as you wear them and keep up the correct maintenance.


9.    NEVER use any over the counter products; such as those purchased at any drug store, cosmetic store, and beauty supply store, etc… unless otherwise recommended by your stylist.


10.   Once deposits and orders of hair are made, there are NO REFUNDS that will be given on the products or services provided. The product cannot be returned to the manufacturer due to each order being custom filled and cannot be used on other clients.


11.    Please remember…the abuse or misuse of the styling tools such as: combs, brushes, blow-dryers, hot irons, hot rollers, as well as over the counter hair care products (including the products recommended by the stylist) may or can result in damaging your extensions.


12.    A client MAY NOT try the extensions out for a short period of time and then decide that they do not want them in once the extensions are placed in the hair. NO REFUNDS will be given on the services provided if this is the case. If this does occur, hair can be removed (by the stylist only) at an additional cost. The charge for removal is not included in the original fee.


13.    I DO NOT hold Shear Extacy Salon responsible in any way for my decision in getting hair extensions applied. I am fully responsible in any way for the total payment of services rendered. I also understand the explanation of the entire procedure and I am aware that with proper care on my part, they should remain in my hair. I understand that if any allergic reaction occurs Shear Extacy Salon is not responsible.


14.    Following these guidelines you will be able to keep your extensions looking and feeling the best way possible.